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Cultural aspects in reporting news in British and Lithuanian press


Darbas anglų kalba. Naujienų pateikimo kultūriniai aspektai Didžiosios Britanijos ir Lietuvos spaudoje. Introduction. Theoretical background. The language of newspapers. Relationship between word and image. Semiological analysis. Methodology. Analysis and discusion. Lexical analysis of the headlines used for the news on Beslan. Analysis of the images used for illustrating the news on Beslan. Conclusions.


The media are one of the principal means through which we gain access to a large part of information about the world. This condition their power to produce and circulate social meanings, i.e., to a great extent people working in the newsroom, to a greater extent, decides the significance of the things that happen in the world. The language used by them to represent particular social and political groups, and to describe newsworthy events, tends to provide the dominant ways available for the rest of us to talk about those groups and events.
News tells us what is going on in the world. It helps us to make decisions about what we believe in and what we feel is important. It enables us to take part as informed citizens in- a democratic society (Lenkauskienė, Liubinienė, 2003:117). News is a late Middle English word that means tidings, new information of recent events. Even if we accept this definition as a useful description of what a newspaper delivers, this definition has to be narrowed, as any happening anywhere in the world could be seen as a recent event (Reah, 2002:04). Thinking about both definitions of the news it is clear that news has two priorities: it must be current, and it must mean something to people.
Newsmakers can select what is news, and most important from the linguistic point of view, the way that those stories are written. Our understanding of what is going on in the world depends on the information we get. It is important to be aware of the diversity of the ways the story might be reflected in article. However, this definition is still not satisfactory. As it has been noted above, everything that is happening anywhere in the world is news, so someone, somewhere has to decide which, of the recent news is to be included in a newspaper, and which is to be excluded. Newspapers can not write about everything.
The term newspaper suggests that the content of a newspaper will be primarily devoted to the news of the day, including analysis and comments. Newspapers contain a range of items; news, comments and analysis, advertising and entertainment (Reah, 2002:04).
Thus the problem to be discussed in the thesis is the perception of the global news that could differ in Lithuanian and English cultural surroundings. The difference may stem from both conscious and unconscious perception because it depends on translation, different social and cultural aspects.
Thus, this paper aims at analyzing cultural aspects in reporting news, published by Lithuanian and English national and local newspapers: the Time, the Veidas, the Lietuvos Rytas, theGuardian, the Kauno Diena, and the Scotsman.
The objectives of the analysis are as follows:
• To analyze how the lexical units are chosen to represent the news.
• To find out the way in which these representations can affect our view of the most important events in the world.
• To analyze how headlines are formed.
• To compare visual part of articles in the Lithuanian and the English press.

The novelty of the paper: Cultural aspects in reporting news have not been widely researched. There are some articles that deal with the linguistic analysis that is concentrated on the image features of Lithuania in the British newspapers or analyze the usage of word Lithuania in the Lithuanian press. Meanwhile the analysis on reporting foreign news across the cultures and different languages has not been researched. ...

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